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A.I. is not That "SMART", What we think about it- Here is the real meaning of A.I.

The technology of artificial intelligence is promising, but it is not a magic potion. Oh, oh, oh, oh, Hold on. We are not against AI. By this post, we will change your mindset about what you think about AI.

Okay, let's Start...

Avoid imagining computers that can do what we can but do better when you learn about artificial intelligence

My fellow Souradeep, who has a new A.I. book, wants us to realize that the technical direction is exciting but has its drawbacks: It is less capable than people today and is coded for human prejudiciation.

I spoke to Souradeep about what artificial intelligence is, areas in which he is hoped for, and frightened of the consequences.


Soujanya: Let's begin with the fundamental elements: