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Love for Technology is in my blood since my childhood. I felt Innovation is the key to make ourselves one step further. When I went to the USA (Newyork) back in 2019, I understood, What is the main difference between India like developing country and the USA like Developed 1st world Country. The Main thing is Innovation, Innovative mentality, Independency and Research & Development. I met Lots of innovators, researchers, and scientists, we shared our Ideas. And after returning, I formed an Organisation called "Infytechnism". Technism is the religion of Technology and I believe technology is tensed to infinity. I Focused on Research and Development and Making Innovative Ideas into Reality. Since then we worked on different innovative revolutionary ideas. Currently, I am Working on projects of my own. I want to do PhD. and trying to get into top World Universities to publish and produce my innovative Ideas into reality. I was Awarded Director's Award for Best student Contribution in my bachelor's for excellent performance and contribution towards the institution.

I am Heavily Inspired by sir Steve Jobs  Elon Musk and APJ Abdul kalam. One quote from Steve Jobs Hit me hard, that is - "Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary."

And I am Following My heart and Intuition.

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My Story

From childhood, I am fascinated by computers and gadgets. I was introduced to computers at a very small age by my father, and it was after that, I fell in love with technology.

In my secondary education, I started learning to code and introduced myself to robotics. My love for Physics, Mathematics and Computers made me opt for Science with Computer Science stream in my high school. I used to be so inquisitive to know about the reason behind every action and reaction and logical reasoning fascinated me a lot. I used to spend hours solving puzzles and games related to numbers and gadgets. I loved spending hours in science and computer labs. Also, from a very small age, I loved to play with toy cars, I broke some of my remote cars to see how they work. I attended a robotics workshop in class 11 and made my first line following robot. From then, I got an interest in robotics.

I had an interest in Electronics and my love for Physics helped me to choose Bachelors in Electronics and Communication from the Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata, Makaut(WBUT), India. I scored 9 in my bachelor's. During my graduation, I studied subjects such as Computer Architecture, Nano Electronics, Digital Signal Processing, Microprocessor & Microcontrollers, Design and Analysis of Algorithm(ES), Data Structure and Algorithm, Numerical Methods (BS), Analog communication, Digital Communication, Signals and Systems, Network Theory, Digital System Design, CMOS-VLSI, Mathematics, Physics, Programming in C and more. From my second year, I started researching Autonomous Vehicles, IoT and AI.

I hold an Emerging Scientist Award by VDGOOD Professional Association on International Scientist Awards on Engineering, Science and Medicine 2021. Also, I was Awarded Director's Award for Best student Contribution in my bachelor's for excellent performance and contribution towards the institution.

I successfully published my research paper at a conference in the USA - Columbia University and it is published on IEEE Xplore, named- “Speed Controlling & Traffic Management System (SCTMS)” based on Autonomous Electric Vehicle. When I visited the USA for a conference, I participated in an International Makers’ Fair also, where I showcased and exhibited my project “Autonomous Toy Car Driving Using open CV & Lane Detection”. Inspired by different types of hobby clubs like robotics, coding etc. I startup a club (organisation) of Robotics and within 6 months, we had 500 students of a different class, starting from class 4 to class 12, and graduation level. I got involved in numerous hands-on robotics, IoT projects, drone workshops and many more.

I have successfully undertaken my one year internship as a Researcher and Product Scientist (R&D Dept.) at Arthlex Research Pvt. Ltd. and during my tenure, I worked on a project “Smart E-Bike”, my duties were Software-Hardware interaction, Computer Vision for speed control, Artificial Intelligence for efficiency of power usage, Design and Safety, User-experience. I did those work in the mentioned internship. Later, I joined my Friends Blog and Article Publishing Startup “” as a Chief Editor and Writer in Science and Technology Section.  I published lots of articles based on my research, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT and many more topics. This proved as a turning phase for my academic journey as I wanted to pursue my higher studies and contribute to the R&D sector and want to make an autonomous car of my idea. Thus I landed in Cranfield University to study my Masters degree in Autonomous Vehicle. Also, I have taken lessons from Coursera and YouTube for free to increase my knowledge. I made an “Advanced autonomous Delivery Drone” as my final year project, in my graduation.

Later I got an offer at Arthlex in the role of Research and Development Engineer. I applied for 5 Patents from Arthlex which is based in the autonomous vehicle field. Currently, we are doing research on an efficient and safe autonomous vehicle for south Asian road conditions and planning to produce the idea in the next 10 years.

Also Now my company is doing very well in the R&D sector. And I am very glad to innovate the future of the world. A better, safer and self-sustainable world is in making.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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