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A highly skilled and award-winning engineer, I specialize in Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Engineering, with a focus on autonomous technology, sensor fusion, and Artificial Intelligence. With an MSc from Cranfield University and a B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering, I combine strong academic credentials with hands-on industry experience. I have filed five patents, led groundbreaking research projects, and been recognized with prestigious awards including the Director's Award for Best Student Contribution and the Intellectual Property Award. I have also shared my expertise through mentorship, guiding over 500 students in the fields of robotics and computer science.

With proficiency in programming languages such as C, C++, and Python, and tools like Matlab and Simulink, I have applied my skills in roles ranging from Research and Development Engineer to Research Assistant. These roles have enabled me to make direct contributions to autonomous systems, including performance boosts and reliability enhancements in both commercial and academic settings.

As a proven innovator and thought leader, I am eager to continue leveraging my skills and experiences to contribute to future advancements in autonomous technologies. I am passionate about contributing
to the future of autonomous technology and am eager to bring my skills, leadership, and dedication to an organization that values innovation.

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  • MSc. Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Engineering (Automotive)

       Cranfield University, UK

  • B.Tech, Electronics and Communication Engineering

       Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata- India

       Grade- 9/10 CGPA (82.5%)


  • Research Assistant- Cranfield University (ESA)


  • CEO, President-R&D : Infytechnism

       2020 - 2022

  • Research and Development Engineer: Arthlex Research Pvt Ltd

       2021 - 2022

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