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Project Report: Semi-Autonomous Delivery Drone

Final Year Project Progress Report

Soujanya Syamal – ECE Final Year – Roll: 34

University Roll: 10400318065 – Enrolment No: 12018002003173

Project: Semi-Autonomous Delivery Drone

A hexa rotor flying machine (UAV) capable of lifting a package from a place transporting

and dropping it to another location using ‘Way Point’ flying technology using Global

Positioning System. Using custom 3D printed mechanical parts and arm, the package can be

picked up and dropped upon arriving on destination.

Update: F550 frame is used as main chassis. 1000kv motors and 30A ESC are used as thrusters.

Outer structure and electronics are ready. We have used 2.4GHz Radio Transmitter and

Receiver to communicate with the flying machine. Drone is in almost ready to fly condition.

Ongoing: Optimizing our code for stable flight. Working on way point flying and GPS


Pending: Hardware attachment for parcel pickup and drop.

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